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Gamemode in AAD Rumble style from sa-mp, attack and defense. Bases and Arenas in GM are stored in XML.

* Mode Base:
- Team "Attack" need to take over area by killing all defenders or by being in marker for X seconds (setable in config).
- Team "Defense" must defend the base by waiting till time ends or by killing all attackers.
* Mode Arena:
- Both teams must kill players from opposite team.

* For Admins:
- /startbase [number] - Start Base.
- /startarena [number] - Start Arena.
- /changeteamall - Change all players teams for opposite.
- /changeteam [player_nickname] - Change specified player team for opposite.
- /timeround [minutes] - Set round time (in minutes).(for base)
- /timeround2 [minutes] - Set round time (in minutes).(for arena)
- /end - End played round.
* For Players:
- /votebase [number] - Vote for Base.
- /votearena [number] - Vote for Arena.
- /rsp - Respawn yourself (if alive) in place where you used this command (work once per round and fix your unsync/float).

- F4 - Change team for opposite.
- R - Change spectated player.
Special Informations:
- Mod has 95 created Bases and 64 Arenas.
- Add this line in acl file if you want players to be kicked for having armor:

<object name="resource.BaseMode"/>

in group "Moderator".

* You have no permission to edit and release edited version of gamemod without Author's permission.
Category: Scripts
Author: Rhbk
Published: 02.02.2012 00:00