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REG GUI Based Bank System

Deposit your money at any banks and get them out when you join the server next time. You can get rich if don't die losing all or some of your money; go to the bank as often as you can to prevent losing any money.

Main features:
- Depositing money.
- Transferring money to you friends.
- Withdrawing cash.
- ATMs (Automatic Teller Machines).
- Bank locations defined in XML file.
- GUI window to let you control your bank account.

To add a new bank location you need to:
- Get your coords of the bank (interior too if it's not 0).
- Open bank.locations.xml.
- Add your x,y and z of your bank to <location/> (posX,posY,posZ respectively).
Category: Scripts
Author: 50p
Added: UID1
Published: 02.02.2012 00:00