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REG Scoreboard

This is my latest resource, dxscoreboard. It's created as a replacement for the old scoreboard resource created by jbeta.

The biggest difference to the old resource is that it relies fully on MTA's DirectX drawing functions instead of the GUI.

- All features the old scoreboard resource has.
- Neater looking interface accompilished with DirextX drawing functions (colours and animation).
- Additional scripting functionality for both server and client.
- Sorting now actually works properly, unlike in the old scoreboard resource.
- Customizable through client-side xml file. All changes made are not server-based but global.
- Web interface hasn't been changed much, so it should remain the same.
Tags: #scoreboard

Category: Scripts
Author: Awwu
Added: UID1
Published: 02.02.2012 00:00