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Object Removal Editor

This resource allows you to remove world objects easily.

- Removing world objects
- Restoring them
- Outputting removal information
- Creating a dummy object by clicking on a removal item in the grid
- Independent removal-maps
- Multiplayer support

A removal-map is a normal resource that includes an XML file containing the removal information and a loader script which manages its removals.
So if you want to use a removal-map, you just have to start it.

Type the following into the server's console: aclrequest allow object_remover all

1.) Start MTA's map editor
2.) Start this resource
3.) Start the editor by typing "/sor" or "startObjectRemover"
4.) If you want to remove an object, you have to click on "Remove world object".
Pressing the right mouse button will stop the "removing mode".
Category: Plugins
Author: Jusonex
Published: 13.11.2012 00:00