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REG Vehicle Weapon

With this resource, you will be able to attach weapons to your vehicle and shoot them.
The weapons are synced to the whole server, so you can kill another players, shoot another vehicles, etc.
If you found any bugs, please contact me, so I can fix it as soon as possible.
Or if you want some private edit for your project, you could contact me too.

Configurations (check config.lua):
- Define commands to create the vehicle weapon (you can define as much as you want)
- Define which ACL groups that are allowed to use the command
- Set the delay between every shoot, or use the default fire delay
- Define allowed weapon IDs (since some weapons are not possible to shoot, I defined all IDs that are possible to shoot)

Default commands:
/vehweap [ID]
/vehicleweapon [ID]
Category: Scripts
Author: KenXeiko
Added: UID1
Published: 24.09.2012 00:00