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House System by DakiLLa

This is a House System resource. It allows you to build a house in any place and with any interior you want. Other players can buy your houses. This script works with SQL database so be sure that address to your resources folder has only english letters.

Make sure that your account is stored in "Admin" ACL group or at least has a right to ban players. Otherwise you won't be allowed to open house construction panel.

The House System includes at the moment:
- User-friendly GUI.
- Buying a house.
- Key-protection. You can set your own key, so no one can enter inside your house!
- Selling a house at half-price of it's price.
- Setting a new owner (if you want to make a 'little' present for someone :b)
- Building a house (admins only!)
- Destroying an existing house. (admins only!)

There are 2 settings in meta.xml:
- playerHouseCounter - how much houses can player have at the same time.
- keyLength - how much characters should house key contain.
Category: Scripts
Author: DakiLLa
Published: 03.02.2012 00:00